Hydraulic Actuators - Hydraulic Servo Actuators


Raagen has vast experience developing actuators for some of the world's most demanding applications and high performance motion control components is one of our strengths.  Actuators are key to high performance test solutions and our customers have expressed a need for more reliable, high performance components than they can find in the marketplace.


Raagen actuators - servo actuators combine high performance cylinders, linear feedback devices and servovalves in one assembly. These servoactuators have been specifically developed to offer the advantages of custom engineered units designed for industrial applications without the costs or delays that can accompany a custom designed unit.


The choice of servovalves, position transducers, working areas and strokes available will accommodate most control requirements. Maximum compatibility with other components such as electronics and special function manifolds.


The benefits of the hydraulic actuators include totally assembled and self contained units that are 100% tested before shipment. Minimized plumbing and fixturing as well as case drain for zero rod leakage.



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